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Prime Minister Abbott Announces Australian Contribution to the “Building Partner Capacity” mission in Iraq

The Hon Tony Abbott MP, Prime Minister of Australia
3 March 2014

“The Australian Government has decided to commence the preparation of a military force to contribute to a building partner capacity training mission in Iraq. This follows requests from the Iraqi and from the United States governments. This decision marks the next phase of Australia's contribution to the international coalition to disrupt, degrade and ultimately defeat the Daesh or ISIL death cult. We have slowed Daesh's advance but Iraq's regular forces now require support to build their capacity to reclaim and to hold territory. The numbers that Australia will commit to this mission are still to be finalised but it is anticipated that the force will involve about 300 Australian Defence Force personnel. There will be a training team with command force protection and support elements and the Australian build partner capacity force will be working closely with personnel from the New Zealand Defence Force. We will join international partners including the United States, Spain, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands in training the Iraqi security forces.

I want to stress that we haven't taken this decision lightly. Ultimately, it is Iraq that must defeat the death cult but we do not want to leave the Iraqis on their own. We are naturally reluctant as a peace-loving people to reach out to far-away conflicts but, as we know, this conflict has been reaching out to us for months now.

The Government's decision has the support of the Prime Minister of Iraq and it responds to a formal request from the United States to contribute specific Australian Defence Force capabilities to this international coalition. I did speak to Prime Minister al-Abadi of Iraq last week following up the discussions that I had with him in January on my visit to Baghdad. Last week he reiterated his request for Australia's support and expressed his gratitude for the decision that we were at that stage contemplating.

We are part of an international coalition of some 60 countries including Iraq's Arab neighbours. It is right that we make a prudent and proportionate contribution to this effort to keep Iraq safe, to wrest back control of Iraqi territory from the death cult and, in so doing, to contribute to the safety and security of this country and the wider world. Again, I stress, the death cult has been reaching out to our country with about 100 Australians fighting with Daesh and other terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq and about another 150 here at home supporting these extremists so this commitment is a matter of domestic as well as international security and I stress this is absolutely and utterly in Australia's national interests to do this.”

Link to official press conference

Declaration of Mosul District, Ninewa Province, Iraq

02 March 2015

The area of Mosul district, Ninewa province in Iraq, has been declared a designated area under section 119.3 of the Criminal Code. This means it will be an offence under Australian law to enter, or remain in, Mosul district without a legitimate purpose.

Declaring Mosul district under the criminal code follows the declaration of Al-Raqqa province in Syria in December 2014. The city of Mosul is the largest city controlled by Daesh in Iraq.

Media release: Declaration of Mosul District, Ninewa Province, Iraq

Australians are reminded that the Australian Government’s travel advice for all of Iraq remains “Do Not Travel”. We strongly advise you not to travel to Iraq because of the extremely dangerous security situation. Australians in Iraq, including in Iraqi Kurdistan, should depart immediately while commercial flights continue to operate.

Australian Prime Minister visits Baghdad

04 January 2015

It is an honour to be here in Baghdad with Prime Minister Al-Abadi.

It is an honour to be able to say thank you to the Australian armed forces personnel who have been helping the government and the people of Iraq in the struggle against the Daesh death cult which now holds sway over much of Eastern Syria and significant parts of Northern Iraq.

This is an important struggle.

It's a struggle not just for the people of Iraq, and not just for the people of this region, but for the whole world – because the Daesh death cult, the ISIL death cult, has declared war against the world.

We haven't just seen millions of people displaced, we haven't just seen tens of thousands of people killed here in Iraq; we haven't just seen the beheadings, the crucifixions, the mass executions and the sexual slavery here in Iraq, we have also seen exhortations from the death cult to people right around the world to engage in acts of terrorism, and even Australia has had its brush with terrorism in recent weeks.

Australia has been active here in Iraq since August of last year: first, with humanitarian food drops in Mt Sinjar and elsewhere; second, with delivering weapons to those who are fighting against the Daesh death cult; more recently, with air strikes as part of an international coalition; and, most recently, with training and assistance for the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service. 

We are determined to deepen our cooperation with the government and the people of Iraq in the weeks and months to come: not because we are a country which goes forward seeking foreign fights, but because where our vital national interests are threatened, where universal values are at stake, Australia should be a strong partner. 

Australia should be the best possible international citizen and this is what we believe we are doing here in Iraq. 

At the same time as being militarily active, we are also increasing our humanitarian assistance to the government and the people of Iraq, and I can today announce a further $5 million in food aid towards people who have been displaced by the Daesh conflict here in Iraq. 

This is my first visit to Baghdad. It is my first visit to Iraq. 

Iraq is a country which has suffered a very great deal. First, decades of tyranny under Saddam Hussein. Then, the chaos and confusion that followed the American-led invasion. Most recently, the tumult, the dark age, which has descended upon Northern Iraq as a result of the Daesh death cult, but Australia will do what we can to help. 

I want to thank Prime Minister Al-Abadi for the work that he is doing. He has an extraordinarily difficult job. 

The people of Iraq are going through an extraordinarily difficult time, but Australia is a friend of the Iraqi people and we will do everything we reasonably can to support the Iraqi government as it does what's necessary to restore its control over its own country and its own citizens. 

So, again, Prime Minister, thank you so much for making me welcome and I look forward to a strong and constructive partnership in the weeks and months ahead.

Additional Humanitarian Assistance to Iraq

04 January 2015

Australia will provide a further $5m of life saving assistance to the people in Iraq, who continue to suffer from ISIL's terrorist activities.

There are now more than 5.2 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in Iraq. Over 2.2 million of these have been driven from their homes due to ISIL terrorist attacks and are living in temporary shelters.

The $5m will enable the World Food Program in Iraq to provide food for approximately 350,000 people for the next month. This food assistance is critical as Iraq is now in the middle of winter and local communities have lost their harvest due to the ongoing attacks by ISIL.

Australia's funding will provide critical support for women and children who continue to be disproportionately impacted by the ongoing violence in Iraq.

This new contribution will bring Australia's humanitarian assistance to Iraq to $22 million since June last year.

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