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Services for Australians

Services for Australians


IMPORTANT - Services during COVID-19

Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Iraq, the Australian Embassy is only providing limited passport, consular and notarial services and strictly by appoitment only. Limited passport services will continue to be available, however, interviews will be conducted virtually over Skype or Whatsapp and only Temporary Passports (up to 12 month validity) will be issued. For more information on these services please visit our ‘Passport applications during COVID-19’ page. For passport, notarial or consular appointments, please email [email protected] 


الخدمات المقدمة لحاملي الجنسية الأسترالية


ملاحظة مهمة عن الخدمات المقدمة خلال جائحة كوفيد-١٩

نظراً لتزايد عدد الحالات المصابة بفيروس كوفيد-١٩ في العراق، تقدم السفارة الأسترالية خدمات محدودة في اصدار وتجديد جوازات السفر الى المواطنين الأستراليين، والخدمات القنصلية والتصديقات، وعن طريق مواعيد مسبقة فقط. سنستمر بتقديم خدمات محددة فيما يخص جوازات السفر وسيتم إجراء أغلب المقابلات عبر برنامج سكايب أو واتساب وإصدار جوازات السفر المؤقتة فقط (صالحة لمدة تصل إلى 12 شهرا). يرجى زيارة صفحة "التقديم على جوازات السفر الأسترالية خلال جائحة فيروس كوفيد-١٩" لمزيد من المعلومات حول هذه الخدمات. 

وللأستعلام حول المواعيد المتوفرة  يرجى التواصل مع البريد الالكتروني [email protected]



Consular services

If you are an Australian in need of urgent consular assistance contact the 24-hour Consular Emergency Centre on +61 2 6261 3305 or 1300 555 135 within Australia. Alternatively, you can contact the Australian Embassy in Baghdad during business hours:

Telephone: +964 780 923 7565

Email: [email protected]

Access to the Australian Embassy in Baghdad is strictly by prior appointment. To make an appointment please phone or email us.

The Australian Government, through its consular officers, endeavours to provide assistance to Australian citizens within their limits. Australians who choose to travel overseas should be as prepared and self-reliant as possible. Our Consular Service Charter outlines what the Embassy and its consular staff can and can't do to assist you.

The provision of consular services to Australians in Iraq is extremely limited due to the safety and security environment. If you are a dual national in your country of other nationality, we may be further limited in the assistance we can provide to you.

Consular Privacy Collection Statement

Providing consular assistance to Australians overseas is a core function of DFAT. In order to provide effective consular assistance, DFAT is required to collect, use and disclose an individuals’ personal information.

The privacy of consular clients and their families is a fundamental aspect of managing consular cases. This statement outlines how DFAT collects, uses, discloses and stores personal information related to consular cases in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. This notice is provided pursuant to Australian Privacy Principle 5. To read the statements please see the Consular Privacy Collection Statement.

Travel information for Australians

Smartraveller has the latest, authoritative travel advice so you can be informed and prepared about overseas travel. Subscribe to receive travel advice updates – by simply supplying your name and email address – straight to your inbox.

You can now also subscribe to the new SMS service – by supplying your mobile number – to receive critical alerts in the event of a crisis overseas.

In a crisis, Smartraveller will activate a crisis page on its website. It will make it easier for you or someone you know to contact the Australian Government if you need help. It will supplement the consular emergency hotline.

Visit to subscribe or connect with Smartraveller on Facebook and Twitter.

Notarial services

Notarial and passport services are by appointment only.

The Australian Embassy in Baghdad can provide a limited range of notarial and documentary services for a fee. 

Please note that neither the Australian Government nor the Australian Embassy guarantees the legal effectiveness of the notarised document or the accuracy of its content. Fees paid for notarial services are non-refundable.

See passport and notarial services fees

Passports services

Notarial and passport services are by appointment only.

Passport applications, including renewals, must be lodged in person. For children’s applications (18 years old and under) a parent/person with parental responsibility for the child must lodge the application in person.

Complete your application form online at and print it out for lodgement.

Quick guide to applying for a passport overseas

Passports are printed in Australia. After an interview has taken place and the application has been accepted for lodgement, it generally takes around 4–6 weeks for the passport to be delivered to the Embassy. The applicant is then contacted to arrange a time to collect the passport.

See passport and notarial services fees

More passport information

Visas and immigration

The Australian Embassy in Baghdad does not issue visas or provide advice about visas or migration to Australia. The Australian Embassy in Amman manages visa and citizenship services for clients in Iraq. Enquiries regarding visas, immigration or citizenship should be directed to the Australian Embassy in Amman [email protected]

You can apply online for most Australian visas and citizenship through ImmiAccount. This is the preferred and most efficient way to apply.

تأشيرات الدخول والهجرة

لا تصدر السفارة الأسترالية في بغداد تأشيرات دخول ولا تستطيع تقديم المشورة بشأن تأشيرات الدخول أو الهجرة إلى أستراليا. تتولى السفارة الأسترالية في عمان كافة معاملات تأشيرات الدخول والجنسية للعراقيين والأجانب المقيمين في العراق. يرجى توجيه كافة الاستفسارات المتعلقة بالتأشيرات والهجرة والجنسية إلى السفارة الأسترالية في عمان طريق البريد الإلكتروني التالي: [email protected]

بالإمكان التقديم لأغلب معاملات تأشيرات الدخول والجنسية الأسترالية الكترونيا من خلال حساب الهجرة والتي تعتبر الطريقة الافضل والأكثر فعالية.

Digital Assistant online chat for Visa and citizenship enquiries

We are currently trialling a new Digital Assistant online chat that will make it easier and faster to find answers to Australian visa and citizenship questions.

The Digital Assistant trial will be available on the Australian Government’s Immigration and Citizenship webpages for approximately three months.

We are asking for your help to improve the Digital Assistant by using it as much as possible throughout the trial for your Australian visa and citizenship questions, and sending any feedback you have on the Digital Assistant. Feedback can be provided by clicking on the blue feedback tab at the bottom of the screen.

You can open the Australian Visa and Citizenship Digital Assistant by clicking on the ‘Digital Assistant’ orange tab located at the bottom right hand side of the screen on our Immigration and Citizenship webpages.

For more information on our trial Digital Assistant go to

  • issuing Apostille and/or Authentication certificates. These certificates legalise the signatures and/or seals on Australian public documents.
  • certifying copies of Australian documents or documents intended for use in Australia
  • witnessing signatures on Australian forms
  • witnessing the signing of Australian Statutory Declarations
  • witnessing the making of an Australian Affidavit
  • issuing a Certificate of no Impediment to MarriagPlease ensure that documents relating to the notarial services you require from the Australian Embassy are presented in the correct form and that you provide the correct instructions for the notarial service you require. If you are unsure of the legislative requirements relating to the notarial service you require, you should seek independent legal advice.